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How do I change the order of my content?
How do I change the order of my content?

Course authors can re-order the content within a course easily with iQualify's drag and drop tools.

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As an author you create, control and organise the layout, flow and functionality of your learning content in a course. Content is controlled through sections, subsections and pages

A section is the highest level and consists only of a title.

A subsection contains a collection of pages, but no actual content is contained within a subsection. It serves the purpose of a sub-heading, in order to further collate pages.
Note: It is not necessary to have a subsection.

All content within the course is held within pages. Pages can be organised under sections or subsections.

The diagram below shows an example:

All of your content is organisable. The order of sections can be rearranged. Subsections and pages can be moved between sections and the subsection and page order can be changed within a section itself. 

To do this simply select the section, subsection or page and drag it to where you want it.
Note: If you draft a section or subsection all the content contained in it will also be moved.

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