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Creating course content
Creating and editing content
Creating and editing content
Formatting tips for new authorsQuick tips to help building courses go smoothly
How to format and style content with block stylesCourse authors can apply different paragraph styles to content in pages in order to highlight the context of the text
How to set or update the reading time for a pageCourse authors can add in an estimated duration time to guide learners on how long they are expected to spend on each page.
How to add an external web link to a pageCourse authors can add external URLs to pages in order to link to valuable online resources
How to add a resource/download to your courseCourse authors can link to files uploaded to the Downloads area of a course.
Working with referencesCourse authors can add in-text references to specify to the learner the source of the information
How to manage glossary terms in a courseCourse authors can add terms which will be shown via a tooltip to learners.
Copyright and intellectual propertyWho owns what you create in iQualify courses and your obligations when using others' works
An overview of equations and LaTeX in iQualifyIn iQualify, learners, facilitators and authors all have tools to create complex math equations and scientific formulae.
Creating formulae in text elements using LaTeXCourse authors can format mathematical equations and chemical formulas elegantly using LaTeX.
Study plansAuthors can create a study plan to show when sections and tasks open, weightings for assessed tasks, and due dates.
Review and personalise the course overviewCourse authors can edit the course overview to make it relevant for their use and context.
How to add a pdf study guide to your course overviewAuthors can add a pdf study guide when building a course, and Manage users can add a study guide when creating a class activation.
How to add code snippets to your courseAuthors can embed code snippets hosted elsewhere in a course.