Introduction to IsraelGives

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Setting up your account

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Payment processing in Israeli Shekels

How do I accept donations in Israeli Shekels?

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Pricing and fees

How much does it cost to use IsraelGives and its services?

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International tax-deductible fundraising

Empower global generosity with multi-currency fundraising, tailored tax-receipts, and diverse payment methods.

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Email confirmations and receipting

Elevate donor trust with tailored email confirmations and specialized PDF receipts for Israeli contributors.

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Recurring Donations (Hora'at Keva) and Card Updater

Maximize sustained donations with flexible installments and auto card updates.

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Harness the power of IsraelGives CRM: an integrated ecosystem for donor management, lead optimization, and seamless syncing, designed to elevate your fundraising efforts.

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Elevate your reach with our Email Marketing Platform - from setup on AWS to crafting compelling newsletters, drive tangible results and revenue.

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Analytics, tracking, and affiliate marketing

Maximize the impact of your charitable efforts with our cutting-edge affiliate marketing and conversion tracking solutions, driving unprecedented support and donations for your cause

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Donation forms

Elevate your online fundraising efforts with our cutting-edge donation form creation and installation tool, featuring advanced features like Smart Sums, Rescue My Donation, and seamless integration with US Corporate Matching Donation programs.

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Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI with features like "Rescue My Donation" and intelligent "SmartSums" for optimized donation suggestions on your site.

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FundMe campaigns

Discover the ultimate guide to successful fundraising campaigns, packed with expert Q&A, invaluable tips, and powerful strategies to help you reach your fundraising goals faster and more effectively than ever before!

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Task management

Introducing our dynamic task management solution that maximizes opportunities, streamlines assignments, organizes activities flawlessly, and sends timely reminders to ensure your fundraising efforts reach new heights.

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Online sales

Online Sales with Stores for charities, providing an innovative digital platform that empowers charitable organizations to effortlessly showcase and sell their unique products, transforming generosity into tangible impact

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Billing and Invoicing

Navigate effortless financial management with comprehensive donation reports, timely Shekel and international deposit insights, and transparent invoicing for all acquired services.

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Apps for Syncing and Exporting Data

Seamlessly integrate, sync, and export your data using our Zapier, Salesforce apps, and powerful webhooks.

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