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Every year, 7% of donors who try to donate are unsuccessful. Either they entered the wrong credit card, or they filled out the donation form and didn't complete the purchase. Either way, that's a lot of funds left on the table (if your organization is raising $100,000 online, that's over $6,000 lost). Back when people donated in person or by telephone, your representative could help to fix the mistake and successfully process the donation. But for online donations, where people donate by themselves, you don't have anyone standing by to help, and as a result, the donor, who really wanted to donate, doesn't.

With Rescue My Donation, we help to rescue these lost donations before they start, saving you thousands of dollars a year.

Donor Chatbot and Live Support
Now, whenever a donor’s donation fails, we instantly open a ChatBot (automated live chat), and offer to help the donor complete their donation. Our staff (from our Tel Aviv offices) then guides the donor, online or by phone, in making the donation.

To see an example about how the Chatbot works, click here.

Automated email
If the donor doesn’t respond to the chat, we don't give up. After all, this is a donor who wants to donate, and we can't let this opportunity get lost. So, 1 hour after he tried to make the donation, we'll email the donor, using the template that you provide, offering to help the donor to make his donation.

The really hard work is ours
The really difficult work here is targeting the right donors: That's the job of our unique algorithm, which locates all donors who tried to donate and failed, and then didn't make another successful donation within an hour.

Donor details
If the donor still hasn't donated, you can still get his details, so that you can contact them yourself, or at least add them to your mailing list. Through the Rescue My Donation page in your account, all of the donor's details are available to you, including email, telephone, and address. We also track the value of all of the donations that you've lost because donors didn't complete their donations, and also how many donations we've helped you to "rescue".

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