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When a donation is made, we'll automatically send the donor an e-mail confirmation, which you can fully customize through your account.

In addition, in partnership with EZCount, we instantly and automatically create and attach to the email an official PDF tax-receipt (קבלה על תרומה) in your organization's name and with your logo. The donation receipt is fully recognized by the Israeli tax authorities.

  • If your organization has section 46, we create the receipt automatically.

  • If your organization doesn't have section 46, you can choose whether or not to activate the e-receipting service.

The receipts are issued through EZCount, a leader in e-receipting in Israel. Every IsraelGives client receives a free EZCount account, which you can use to view and manage the e-receipts that we issued.

  • You can also use your EZCount account to any other receipting that you might do (such as for check donations).

  • You can export all of your receipts and donation information directly into your accounting software like Priority, חשבשבת, רווחית, and more - as a CSV file or as a קובץ אחיד.


For each e-receipt that we create, there is a ₪0.70 fee. Compare this just to the price of a stamp (₪2.50), and the time it would take your staff to create and mail the receipt, and you can understand the cost savings clearly.

To learn more, and to receive your EasyCount account access details, click here.

Monthly donations

By default, the automated system will create an e-receipt for each donation made in a recurring monthly donation. However, because we don't think that it's good fundraising practise to remind your donors every month of their recurring monthly donation, we won't actually send the receipt by email to the donor. Instead, we'll create the receipt and store it in the donor's account (as yours as well).

When the donor wants to download and print the receipts for tax-purposes, all they need to do is to go into their account and download the receipts.

If you prefer that donors receive their monthly receipts every month by email, contact us and we'll activate this option for you.


When we cancel a donation at your (or the donor's) request, we will automatically issue a negative receipt for the amount cancelled. So, if a donation of ₪100 was cancelled, we'll issue a receipt for -₪100.

Opting out of the e-receipting service

Automatic e-receipting is an important part of the service that we provide to you, and even more, to your donors (we help donors to get their 35% tax-credit on every donation they make to you).

If you don't want us to send receipts on your behalf, you can request to opt-out of automated receipting by contacting us by live chat or by email. However, please note that in opting out, while you will be able to use our platform fully, your organization will no longer appear on the IsraelGives.org and IsraelToremet.org websites, which are visited by hundreds of thousands of donors and foundations every year.

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