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Every month IsraelGives will issue a service invoice (חשבונית מס) for our membership plan fee, and any other services that you've acquired from us.

The credit card company processing your donations will also issue you an fee invoice (חשבונית מס קבלה) once a month, or in the case of USD and GBP, twice a month. The companies that we work with are:

  • Meshulam: You will receive a monthly invoice by email for the Net fee (plus VAT).

  • Stripe/Paypal: The invoice will appear in your Paypal/Stripe accounts.

  • Isracard-IsraelGives: Isracard will issue two invoices per month, one for transactions made using Visa and Mastercard, and another for transactions by American Express. The invoices will be sent together by post to your organization's mailing address, and is also available as a PDF file through the Isracard business website, which you can register for online quite easily (or you can reach out to us and we'll happily do this for you).

    Once you're in your account, select the following to obtain your invoices:

Please note that Isracard collect IsraelGives' transaction fee of 2.9%, and deducts it from the sum that they deposit into your bank account. It will reflect as follows:

  • IsraelGives: We issue separate invoice for each bank transfer that we make:

    • From Israel you'll receive one monthly transfer and one monthly invoice.

    • Donations from Canada, France and Australia are not invoiced. That's because the IsraelGives platform fee is paid directly by the international charity to us, and the Net amount regranted to you. So, for example, if you receive a $100 AUD donation, you'll receive a $95 donation directly from the Chai Charitable Foundation. The invoice for $5 we actually issue to the Chai Foundation.

    • We transfer U.S. and U.K. donations every two weeks, so you'll receive from us 2 monthly invoices.

US and UK invoice (חשבונית מס-קבלה)

  • On the first line of the invoice you'll see the period of donations that this invoice is for (in this case, January 1-14, 2020).

  • Then you'll see the donation made to you by our US, British, or French fundraising partner. This is the net amount of the donations that they have received and are donating to you, where the net is the gross less any credit card fees that they paid on the donation. So, in this example, the organization received a $2,000 donation, and the credit card fee was $44.30, and so the amount that they're donating is $1,955.70.

  • On the next line you'll see the donation amount ($1,955.70) converted into Israeli Shekels. Divide this number (₪6,668.93) by the number above and you'll know the exact exchange rate that we received on these funds.

  • Following this, you'll see our fee, and then a ₪5 bank transfer fee, and then a summary of the donation, the fee, and what's to be transferred to you, which you can then see in the Bank Transfers section of your account.

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