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Introduction: MYSITE Donation Form
Introduction: MYSITE Donation Form

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We (humbly) believe that the MYSITE donation form, as simple as it may seem, is the best donation form in the world. It's also a claim that we can back up.

  • The average donation on a MYSITE donation form is $184, 40% higher than the national average ($124).

  • MYSITE is the first donation form to use AI to increase your average donation and to rescue almost every donor or failed donation.

  • MYSITE has upselling tools similar to those used by e-commerce companies.

  • MYSITE supports 40 currencies and 8 languages.

To see how the MYSITE form looks, click here.

To see a product tour about the MYSITE form, click here.

And to create your MYSITE donation form, click here.

Here are the features that come standard on the MYSITE donation form. To learn about our advanced features, click here.

Create your MYSITE form in English, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean. Need it in a different language? No problem - just let us know.
Your donor can move between different language versions of your form by clicking on the button in the top right corner of the form.

One of the first things that you'll notice on the donation form is that donations in some of the 40 currencies that you added to the form are tax-deductible. We'll show this information to your donors at the top the donation form like this:

Under this, you'll see suggested donation sums. But not just any sums - SmartSums, our AI-powered algorithm that shows your donors sums based on the last sum that they donated. Learn more about SmartSums by clicking here.

Donors also choose the frequency of their donation - one-time or monthly. You can create a set of suggested sums for both one-time and monthly donations (and SmartSums will optimize these to match your donors' giving ability).

To create a monthly-first donation form (where "monthly" is the default frequency, just add ?frequency=2 onto the URL of your donation form. So that if your URL is:

you'd change it to:

When creating your MYSITE donation form, you can add to it up to 40 international currencies. Your donor will select the currency from this dropdown:

Note how selecting a currency affects the currency symbol next to your suggested donation sums:

Honoree Giving
Next your donor can dedicate their donation in someone's memory or honor. You can edit the template of the e-card that will be automatically sent to the honoree (in your name).

Payment Methods
The donor will then choose between credit card and Paypal as their payment options (mobile donors can also choose Apple Pay and Android Pay).

Credit card verification
When the donor enters their credit card, we'll automatically show them the card brand, and will also instantly verify whether the card number is valid (follows certain patterns). If it isn't, we'll let the donor know, even before they submit the form (and have their payment rejected).

Address powered by Google
The donor can optionally enter their address (in countries like Canada this is a required field). They start entering their address and the MYSITE form helps them to complete their entire address, Zipcode and all.

GDPR, Gift Aid
If your donor is British, we'll ask them if they want to opt-in to Gift Aid. Note that if the donation is £30 or less, we will automatically opt the donor into Gift Aid, in accordance with the Small Donations Scheme.

If they're from the EU zone (or donating in Euro), we'll ask them to opt into your mailing list, in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Share my donation
Donation complete? Our work isn't. Now we'll ask the donor to share their love for you on social media. 

Matching Gift
If your donor donated in U.S. dollars, we'll allow them to enter the name of their employer and get everything that they need in order for their donation to be matched.

Other awesome features

  • Did your donor try to donate but was unsuccessful? With Rescue my Donation, we'll automatically send them an email in your name and try to get them to complete their donation. We'll then provide you instant access to their details, so that if our email doesn't work, you can reach them to help them to finish up.

  • For every donation form, you can create a custom email confirmation. Create different confirmations for different projects, campaigns, languages, and currencies.

  • You can install the donation form as an iframe or as a modal (pop-up) directly in your own website.

Pricing for Israeli non-profits

  • If you have a Israel and International Membership, you can create unlimited MYSITE forms with no extra charge.

  • If you have an Israel Membership, you can create unlimited MYSITE forms for only 49 NIS per month.

  • If you don't have a membership plan, the cost for creating MYSITE forms is 99 NIS per month.

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