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Email confirmations and receipting
Introduction: Email Confirmations and Receipts
Introduction: Email Confirmations and Receipts

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Israeli Shekels
When a donor makes a donation, they immediately receive an email confirmation, either a standard platform confirmation or a custom email confirmation that you create yourself.

This, however, is only an email. By law, you must then issue a receipt (קבלה).

  • If your organization has a Section 46 approval, we will automatically issue a PDF e-receipt in your name using our e-receipting platform.

  • If your organization doesn't have a Section 46 approval, you can register for our e-receipting platform so that we automatically issue PDF receipts in your name. Alternatively, you can issue receipts to your donors by yourselves.

Foreign Currencies
When a donor donates in a foreign currency, they're actually donating to one of our international partners, who then in turn donates the funds to you. The donor, thus, receives their tax-receipt from our international partner.

Once every two weeks, our international partner donates you the funds that it's allocated to you. The amount appears on the bank transfers table in your account. You also receive an invoice that indicates the amount that was donated to you by our international partner in their home currency (for our American partner that would be U.S. dollars), and the amount converted to in Israeli Shekels. In the example invoice below, the amount in U.S. dollars is shown as A, and the amount in Shekels is shown as B. 

You must then issue a receipt to our international partner for this amount (either the Shekel amount or the original currency). The receipt must be uploaded through the bank transfers table in your account (look for the red "upload" icon):

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