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Campaign types, languages, and customization
Campaign types, languages, and customization
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We have 5 different campaign types and templates to choose from:

  • Classic Campaign: This is a standard crowdfunding campaign, where you choose a donation goal and encourage your donors to help you reach it | Example

  • Team Campaign: Create a team of fundraisers. With the click of a button your supporters can join your "master" campaign and become fundraisers for your cause or organization. Each team member gets their own personal version of your campaign, and can set their own individual goal. Fundraisers become your ambassadors, bringing you new donors and donations | Example

  • Membership Campaign - Create a Patreon-style campaign to raise monthly donations and subscription payments. Set a target of the number of members you'd like to achieve (instead of a financial goal) and your payments will repeat every month | Example

  • Matching Campaign - Recruit a donor to match all donations in a campaign, and show your supporters how much their donation can be worth! This template shows each donor the impact of their matched donation - 2 times, 3 times and up to 10 times your campaign goal | Example

  • Rewards Campaign - Offer your donors rewards in exchange for their donation. Offer different gifts for different donation levels, and in different currencies. Easily track donations and gifts through your account | Example


You can currently create campaigns in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. Here's how:

  1. First, create your campaign, either in English, Hebrew, or a combination of the two languages.

  2. Next, from your list of campaigns, click on the globe icon

Duplicating campaigns

Want to use a campaign as a template? Just click on the copy icon:

Special CSS

Want to add special CSS to your campaign page, to change colors, fonts, or to hide elements of the template? Just click on the palette icon:

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