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Email Marketing Platform - Introduction
Email Marketing Platform - Introduction

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One of the most frustrating things about email marketing platforms like MailChimp or ActiveTrail is that the mailing lists are static lists: the lists of recipients that you upload don't update or change as you add new donors to your CRM. So if you gain a new Australian donor, he won't be included in your MailChimp list unless you manually add him there.

The other frustrating thing is that you don't see how your email marketing converts into revenue. While you see how many people opened your email or clicked on your links, you don't see how many donations, and how much revenue, you received as a result of that email.

Our Marketing platform solves both problems:

  • You can send newsletters and emails to static lists of leads, and also to dynamic donor groups (which automatically update based on the filters selected).

  • You can see the number of donations and total revenue that you've received from every newsletter.

With our Marketing platform, you can send over 20 million emails to your donors and leads - free of charge. To learn about getting up your email server, click here.

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