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How to enable your supporters to fundraise for you
How to enable your supporters to fundraise for you
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It's easy to enable your supporters to create a fundraising campaign for your organization. Just install a button or link on your website or marketing campaign, using the following URL:



All that you need to do is to replace MY_ID_NUMBER with your organization's EIN or ID number. For example, if my charity's ID number if 580484681, my English language URL would be:

Clicking this link will take your supporter into our campaign-creation wizard, where they'll be able to create one of 5 types of campaigns to benefit your organization. They can add one of our graphic template for their campaign, such as wedding, bar-mitzvah, marathon and more.

Creating Fundraising Teams

Want to create a team campaign for a sports event? From your organization's account, choose to create a "Team Campaign". You'll then create a central campaign that others will be able to join with the click of a button:

Then, they'll receive a personalized version of your campaign, with their picture and personal fundraising goal (which automatically takes the content from your central campaign, and shows also the list of fundraisers in this campaign).

To see an example of a team-member campaign, click here.

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