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Added-value services that IsraelGives provides you
Added-value services that IsraelGives provides you
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As part of the payment processing, IsraelGives provides you and your donors with the following additional services, at no additional cost:

Customer service

We provide customer service to your donors, in real time, by live chat, email, and telephone.


We process all refund and payment cancellation requests, from you or your donors.

Recurring donations and card updater

Using your Isracard account, when a credit card that's being used for a recurring payment (hora'at keva) expires or is cancelled, we'll obtain for you the replacement card and automatically apply it towards that recurring payment. In other words, your recurring donations can last forever. To learn more about the Infinite Card Replacement service, click here.


With IsraelGives, reconciling is extremely simple. We record in our platform every fee charged from the different payment platforms, and store it alongside your donation details. The sum of the donation less the fee (on which is charged VAT) is the total that you are meant to receive for that transaction.








Jon Levi






Jon Levi






Every month you receive 2 donation invoices (one from IsraelGives, for donations made through Isracard, and another from Meshulam). The invoices list the total donations that were processed by the company over the previous month, the total fee charged, and the total amount to be transferred to your bank account.

The Paypal invoice appears in your Paypal account here.

Bank Deposits

We record in your IsraelGives account all deposits made by us and by the merchant providers, making reconciliation easy.

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