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Donation Report - Explained
Donation Report - Explained
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Upon exporting your donations to Excel, you'll find a great deal of helpful information. Here is an explanation of some the fields that you'll find:


This is the date that a donation was made, in Israel time-zone.

Donation ID and Payment ID

These help to identify a unique donation.


This tells you the company that has processed your donation.

  • For foreign currencies:

    • If you have your own "Friends of" organization connected to our platform, either Stripe or Paypal will appear here, depending on which Processor was used.

    • If the donation was made through one of IsraelGives' international partners, the Processor will appear as "IsraelGives".

  • For Israeli Shekels:

    • Through your IsraelGives account you can define which company you'd like to use for processing each payment method. We currently support:

      • IsraelGives-Isracard

      • CAL

      • Meshulam

      • Paypal

      • Stripe

      • IsraelGives (this is when the donation was processed through IsraelGives' own payment accounts)

Deposit Date

This is the date that you can expect the donation to be deposited into your bank account. For more information on deposits dates of the different credit card companies, click here.

Card Type

This is the credit card brand that was used. They include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners, Paypal, Bit, and Apple Pay.


We support one-time, monthly, and yearly payments.


Israeli Shekel donations can be made in installments. In this case, a proportional amount of the donation will be paid to you every month (less fees). So if someone donated ₪1,000 in 10 payments, you'll receive a deposit of ₪100 per month, less fees.


This states the currency that the donation was made in.

Sum, Credit card fee, and Net

For foreign currencies, here you'll see the sum of the donation. When you deduct the credit card fee, you get the Net.

Sum (NIS)

  • If the donation is in NIS, this is the amount of the donation.

  • If the donation is not in NIS, this is the amount of the foreign currency donation re-granted to you by IsraelGives' international partner (converted into NIS).

    For example, if you received a $100 donation and the credit card fee was $2, and the exchange rate was 3.3:1, then you would see (100-2)*3.3 = 323.40.


This is an old column which summed up the total fee that you paid for NIS donations. From 01/07/2022 onwards, this column has been replaced by the following columns:

Credit card fee

This is the fee charged by the credit card company. The fee will vary by company and by brand. For example, a fee for Visa brands will be 1%, for American Express 2%, for tourist cards 3%. For the complete list of Israeli credit card fees, click here.

IsraelGives platform fee

  • For Israeli Shekel donations, when the tip feature is activated, there is no platform fee. Otherwise, a 2.9% platform fee will apply.

  • For international currencies:

    • Checks: For USD, our platform fee is 2.5% and for all other currencies, it's 5%.

    • Online: The platform fee is 5% (of the Sum in NIS).

Transaction fee

  • For Israeli Shekel donations there's a ₪1.20 transaction fee per donation.

  • For foreign online donations, there's a ₪1.90 transaction fee per donation.

  • For foreign checks, there's a ₪2.90 transaction fee per donation.

Digital receipt

  • For your Israeli Shekel donations, we'll issue an PDF e-receipt in your name. For each PDF receipt, there's a ₪0.70 fee.

  • There is no fee for PDF receipts issued for international currencies.

Other fields

Project ID/Name, Campaign ID/Name, MYSITE name

These identify the project, campaign, or MYSITE donation form that the donation was placed in.

In Honor/In memory (and dedication fields)

Donors can place their donations in memory or in honor of a person, and have an e-card sent to the recipient of their choice. This information is valuable as the recipient is an important lead and a potential donor.

Reward fields

If you ran a rewards-campaign, here you'll see the reward that the donor is entitled to.

Opted-into Gift Aid

For donations in GBP, if the donor opted into Gift Aid, we can obtain for you an additional 25% of every donation. Please contact us to register.

Opted into GDPR

If the donor indicates "no" and their payment currency is EUR or GBP, then you cannot contact this donor by email or telephone

First donation this donor made?

We identify a unique donor by email address. If "TRUE" this means that this was the first time that this donor donated to your organization. If "FALSE" then they've donated to you before.

Affiliate fields

We operate an (optional) affiliate marketing program. If an affiliate brought your organization a donation, their details will appear here.

Custom fields

You can add custom questions and fields to your donation forms. The answers will appear as custom fields.

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