Bank deposits
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The deposits that you receive - from IsraelGives and from your credit card companies - are listed in the "Bank Transfers" table in your IsraelGives account. Here's an example of what you would see:

Here we see that Isracard (ישראכרט) made a deposit on the 30th of August for ₪2676.79 for donations made by Mastercard. You can find these transactions by searching your donations by deposit date as described above.

  • The "fee" column shows you the credit card fee charged by Isracard.

  • The "service fee" column shows you the IsraelGives platform fee collected by Isracard.

  • In "payer" you'll see the number of the Isracard invoice that all of these transactions will appear in (ex. 443547213).

  • In "account" you'll see your merchant ID number (מספר ספק).

Please note that because deposits are made throughout the month, we receive a list of your deposits only at the end of the month. So deposits that you receive on August 2 and 8, for example (as well as throughout the month) we'll upload into our system at the beginning of September.

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