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An opportunity is a chance to receive a new donation, from an existing donor, or from a lead. This could be a grant opportunity from a new foundation, or a repeat donation from an established donor.

Here's how to create a new Opportunity.

1. Select a Donor or Lead

Opportunities are chances to raise funds from someone, so first you need to search the Donor or Lead that you're hoping to fundraise from. To do so, select whether you're searching for a Donor or for a Lead, and then enter the first 4 characters of their name.

Donors are people who have made a donation. Leads are people (or institutions like foundations or companies) who you have uploaded into the platform, and have not yet made a donation. To create a new Lead, click here.

2. Subject and Description

Then, enter the Subject and Description of the Opportunity. For example:

  • Subject: Ben-Dor Foundation grant submission

  • Description: The Foundation has a $10,000 grant opportunity for food provision organizations. The application is due on 12/12/2022.

3. Funder Type

Next, select a Funder Type. Choose between:

  • Foundation

  • Individual

  • Corporation

  • Government

  • Other

If you want to add a new Funder Type, please contact us.

4. Stage

Next, from the following list, choose the stage that you're at in this opportunity:

  • New

  • Draft

  • Initial conversation

  • Letter of inquiry

  • Submitted

  • Rejected

  • Awarded

  • Other

5. Value

Next, select the value of this funding opportunity (currency and sum).

6. Source

Next, you can enter the source of the opportunity (where this opportunity came from).

7. Probability of Success

Next, you can enter the probability of success of this opportunity (how likely you think you are to get this opportunity). This can help to guide your priority-making.

8. Dates

Next, for grant opportunities, you can record the date that you submitted the request, and by when you can expect to receive an answer:

9. Documentation

You can then upload up to 3 files, like the PDF grant request that you submitted:

And that's it. Now that you've completed entering your grant opportunity, you can save it, or also:

  • Save, and create a task.

  • Save, and create a reminder.

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