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Reminders are a way to remind your staff members of the assignments that they're responsible for. To create a new reminder, click here, and follow these instructions:

First, select the user that you want to remind. Next, select the date and time that you'd like to remind them at.

Next, enter the Subject of the email that will be sent to them, and the Descriptive text of the email itself.

Select a stage for the reminder. The default is "Active". If you're not ready to launch the reminder, select "Draft". If the reminder has passed, its status will change to "Date passed".

Then, select the Donor or Lead that this reminder is associated with. If you want to create a reminder that's associated with an Opportunity or with a Task, you can do that directly from the Edit Opportunity or Edit Task pages.

Manage Reminders

You can filter by the person that you assigned the reminder to ("assignee"), or the reminder stage. Or you can filter by the Donor or Lead that this reminder is related to. Filter by opportunity and task is coming soon.

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