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Step 1: Onboarding and KYC
Step 1: Onboarding and KYC
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Now that you're registered for IsraelGives, you can use our CRM, marketing tools, and task management platform without limit.

However, in order to fundraise with IsraelGives, you'll need to complete our KYC onboarding process. It consists of the following:

  1. Prepare a proof of account ownership (or prepare a cancelled check) for your amuta's bank account.

  2. Through your online bank account, set up a hora'at keva authorization for IsraelGives ("ללא מגבלת סכום").

  3. Once this is done, fill out this KYC (know-Your-Customer) form. In the form you'll upload the documents from steps 1 and 2. Although anyone can fill out the form, it must be signed (digitally) by one of your amuta's official signatories (you can fill out the form, save it, and then send it to them to sign digitally).

  4. Once we'll approved your form, we'll reach out to your amuta's two signatories and perform a quick video identity confirmation (through their cell phone).

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