IsraelGives Payments
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IsraelGives is the first non-profit service provider to hold the exclusive Financial Services license (רישיון נש"פ). As a result, we can now offer you with Israeli Shekel payment processing more complete and less expensive than just about every provider in Israel. We call this service IsraelGives Payments.

To read more about IsraelGives Payments and see why we're the least expensive payment processor in Israel, click here.

Payouts and Reconciliation

When a donation is made, we'll instantly show you (in the Donations tab of the CRM) the exact credit card fee of the donation and any other associated fees.

On or about the 15th of the month, you receive a single deposit of all of the donations that you've received the previous month, less the credit card fees. So on June 15th, for example, you receive the donations made from May 1-31.

You then receive a single invoice from us, of the credit card fees collected. No struggling over reconciling multiple deposits. No dealing with multiple companies.

Instead, Monthly deposit + Invoice = Gross donations.

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