IMPORTANT: Please read below best practice regarding end of month jobs

What is a repeating job?

A repeating job is a job which has been set to repeat on a selected schedule of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Each repeating job will have a Magic Job in the series.

What is a Magic Job?

The Magic Job is the job that you need to edit in order for changes to repeat into the future.

How can you tell which job is a Magic Job?

It is indicated as such on the jobs list by the sparkle emoji ✨ in front of the job name and inside the job with a banner: “✨ Magic job: all edits to this job carry into future recurring jobs.”

How does a job repeat?

  1. 10 minutes after a new job series is created, 3-months span of jobs will be created.

  2. Every night we will check that your repeating jobs have a 3-months span of jobs and will create new jobs if there isn’t.

  3. Jobs with a repeat schedule further than 3 months will repeat when the active job is completed or becomes overdue.

Creating a new job repeating job:

When you create a new job that repeats, the new job will be your Magic Job. After 10 minutes, we create future jobs in the series within a 3 month span. Once the jobs in the series have been created, the furthest out job will then become the Magic Job. Depending on the repeat schedule and due date of the job you created, the Magic Job could still be the initial job you created.

Editing a repeating job using the Magic Job:

  1. If you have a repeating job and you delete the Magic Job, the previous job in the series will automatically become the Magic Job.

  2. If you delete all future jobs in a series, leaving only the current job, the current job becomes the Magic Job.

  3. You can then edit the Magic Job - which is now the current job/the job with the sparkle emoji ✨ - any way you want and those edits will carry forward into the future. Overnight, the future jobs will appear with the new changes/edits you made. The new Magic Job will go back to being the furthest out job in the series.

*To learn more in detail on How to Edit a Repeating Job Series click here*

Important Tip:

If a job is set to repeat on a specific day of the month that might not exist every month (example: the 31st), that job will only be repeated on months that have a 31st day.

Best Practice: Use "Monthly on the last day of the month" under Repeat Schedule.

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