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Run and Read the Metrics Report
Run and Read the Metrics Report

Profitability Analysis, Budgeted, Actual, Internal, Billable

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Note:: You can use the metrics report to find the most/least profitable clients or track how long specific tasks take ๐Ÿ‘ย 

1. To access the metrics report, click on the Reports tab- the metrics report is available to users who are account owners. If you do not have access, request your account admin/owner update your profile permissions.

2. Click on the Other Reports subtab, then under Metrics report, select the From and to date range for the report

3. Click on Download which will export an excel spreadsheet. Once exported, you can turn on filters, create pivot tables etc. Here is the fields that will be exported into the excel report:

  • Manager

  • Staff

  • Task Name

    • Lists every task for every job completed or due during the selected time frame

  • Job Name

  • Client

  • Job Status

  • Date In

  • Date Out
    Date Completed

    • when that task was checked off in the system as complete

  • Due Date

  • Budgeted Time

    • How much time you think it should take to complete this job or task

  • Spent Time

    • Actual time spent working on a job or task aka time logs

  • Projected Internal Cost

    • Budgeted time multiplied by the internal hourly amount

    • Internal hourly amount is located under Manage My Team when you click on the team member's name to get into the team member's profile

    • Internal hourly amount is typically the amount you pay your team member per hour

  • Actual Internal Cost

    • Spent time multiplied by the internal hourly amount

  • External Billing

    • Spent time multiplied by billable hour amount

    • Billable hour amount is the amount you charge your client for the work you and your team members do

    • This can also be set per user on the Manage My Team page similarly to the internal hourly amount

  • Billing Model

    • Click on the Jobs tab, click on the job name to see job's profile, then click on billing model type to see options

      • Staff hourly

      • Service hourly - For this service, all time data will be at a rate of $__ per hour

      • Fixed - Total cost for this service

      • Complimentary - Free service

Note:: You can figure out your profitability using this formula: Profitability= External billing minus the actual internal cost

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