Find all the needed instructions to get started with creation of your Digital Content

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The Crater Editor

Tools and options to create your digital content from scratch and enhance the uploaded PDFs with interactivity

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Learn how to manage your publication collection settings

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Step-by-step instructions to manage the settings of any standalone publication within your Joomag account

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Viewer Customization

Brand and customize your publication viewer to make it more attractive and stunning for your audience

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See how to use the distribution tools and channels offered by Joomag

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Find the settings for collections subscriptions to gain subscribers and spread your content among your readers

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Get the most detailed insights and valuable data on your readership to make your digital content more attractive for your audience

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Import, export, view your subscribers, manage and target them segmenting into different lists

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Email Marketing

Start and plan email campaigns while having the possibility to completely redesign your email content

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For Custom/Branded Mobile Applications Development

Required processes and set-ups to start the custom application development process

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Managing Account Data

Learn how to quickly set-up and manage your Joomag account

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Edu accounts

Explore Joomag Educational accounts on a full scale: learn how to invite and collaborate under the same account with a class and teammates

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Quick and easy steps to generate leads and convert your potential readers into subscribers

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For the Readers

Subscribe, read the digital publications online and offline in Joomag as well as in the native iOS and Android applications

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Along with your Joomag premium account features there are also so called add-on features available. You can enhance your feature list by purchasing additional features.

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