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Bounced emails explained
Bounced emails explained
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A bounced email is an email message which for some reason could not be delivered to the recipient's inbox, was rejected by a recipient's mail server and returned to the original sender. According to the reasons, we differentiate between soft and hard bounced emails.

Soft bounces include temporary reasons, such as an overloaded inbox or a big file that the recipient failed to receive.

Hard bounces are defined by permanent reasons, such as fake email addresses, invalid email domains, etc., and these affect your sender reputation.

Through Joomag's CRM you can easily detect the hard bounced emails in your database using the Bounced filter.

This enables you to see the full picture and understand which contacts do not get your emails. You can either remove bounced contacts from the bounced filter and still keep them in your CRM or delete them which will delete the contact from CRM.

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