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Move files to another folder
Move files to another folder
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To be able to work with the Library, you must be in editing mode. In the Library, you can move already uploaded files from one folder to another in the following way:

1. Click Library from the left toolbar.

​2. Select the folder from where you want to move the files.

3. Click on the file to select it.

Note: If you want to select multiple files, press and hold the Ctrl key (mac: command), and then click the files.

4. In the Actions menu located in the upper-right corner of the page, select the Move option.

Note: You can also right-click to open the Actions bar.

5. In the Select folder drop-down menu, select the required folder where you want to move the files, and then click OK.

That's it. Organize your files by moving them to the required folder.

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