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Filter contacts with the advanced search
Filter contacts with the advanced search
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The Advanced Search filter is a valuable tool that enables you to have a more targeted approach to searching through your contacts than the standard filters.

To use the advanced search, follow the steps below:

1. Click the CRM button on the left sidebar.

2. Click the Advanced Search button.

3. You can search for contacts according to the following criteria:

  • Advanced search: Search by email, first or last names

  • Active subscription: Search for contacts who have active subscription to the selected collection

  • Access availability: Search for contacts who have access to the selected private publication

  • Creation date: Search for contacts who have been added to your CRM within the selected date range

  • Custom property: Search for contacts by the properties created by you

After searching for contacts, "Reset Results" button will appear. When clicked it will reset the search results as well as all inputs in the search fields.

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