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Getting started with our new CRM
Getting started with our new CRM
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Integrated in Joomag CRM is a customer relationship management system that allows users to easily manage their contacts, create lists, deliver individual issues and subscriptions, and create custom email campaigns.

Key features

  • Add contacts
    It is very easy to add or remove contacts by adding them manually or importing contact lists.

  • Create contact lists
    Organize your contacts by creating different lists and use them to send emails.

  • Use filters
    View contacts with specific characteristics using filters.

  • Export Contacts
    Export all contacts from a CRM or specific list to a CSV file.

  • View contact information
    Name, email address, active subscriptions, and more.

  • Advanced Search
    Search by publication title, campaign, location or date and create new listings with results.

Here are some articles to help you work with CRM:

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