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Grant Access to a collection/publication via CRM
Grant Access to a collection/publication via CRM
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If you have paid publications or those with the privacy option "Only people I choose," you can use CRM to give readers access to a collection or publication. To do so follow these steps:

1. Go to the CRM section from the left sidebar.

2. Select the contacts you wish to share your publication with and click on the Access Granting button.

Tip: Check the first box to select all contacts.

Note: Chosen contacts will have a blue background.

3. Select the collections or publications you want to grant access to from the dropdown menu.

4. In case you wish to grant access to more contacts, manually input their emails or choose a contact/contact list from the dropdown menu.

5. Click on the Grant Access button and confirm your action by clicking Yes.

Note: Your readers will receive a notification about the access you granted via email. Make sure to uncheck the box seen below if you do not want your readers to be notified via email.

Now you know how to grant access to a publication via CRM. Learn more about Distribution here.

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