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Working with the contact properties
Working with the contact properties
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Joomag helps you collect all the information about your readers and subscribers. That information can be easily found in your CRM under the contact properties. You can use it to, for example,

  • Convert your readers to subscribers

  • Understand their needs and demands to use that information towards improving the content of your digital publications and much more

For that purpose, you can use fully our custom forms in your publications (embed them right in the publication or make them pop up from or on the desired page).

On the other hand, once your reader subscribes to your publications or you import a contact list all the information is being shown in the contact properties:

Moreover, you can apply filtration and view only the needed information.

It's also possible to Delete or Edit the contact properties. To do that make sure you are logged in to your Joomag account and go to the CRM.

  1. Click on the Settings βš™ button in the upper-right corner

  2. You will see both predefined and newly created contact properties

  3. Hover the pointer over the newly created field to Edit or Delete it

Note: The predefined properties are written in a lighter color. You cannot modify them.

  • Click the Edit button to rename the contact property. Change the label name and Save the changes.

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