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Create mobile version for pages of your publication
Create mobile version for pages of your publication
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If you want to have different versions of the same publication for mobile and desktop devices, then hurry to create a mobile version of pages directly from the Crater Editor.

And moreover, to start using the mobile version you don't have to necessarily create it for all the pages of your publication, simply, create the mobile version for those ones that you need to display differently on mobile devices.

To create a mobile version of publication pages:

  1. Open the publication in the Edit mode

  2. Navigate to the needed page

  3. Click Create mobile version button on the right panel

    1. For publications created from template or blank

      If your publication was originally created from a template or blank a page will be added on the left side of the working area. You can move the content of the page from the desktop version to the mobile version page and, of course, add interactivity using the Crater Editor tools.

    2. For publications created from PDF

      A page with no content will be created where you can manually add the content using the tools of Crater Editor.

  4. Once you finish creating the mobile version page click the Save button or use CTRL + S (for Windows OS) or CMD + S (for macOS) keyboard shortcuts

  5. To make the changes available for mobile view enable the Available online toggle

Important: If the Available online toggle doesn't appear click anywhere outside of the page on the editing area.

Voilà! Now you can design your publication even more mobile-friendly and responsive than ever.

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