Handling approvals

Before a contract is sent for signature, it can be accessed by any parties, internal or external, that need to approve it.

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

Giving your decision-makers good visibility is essential to a smooth contracting flow.
When internal or external pre-signature approval is needed, Juro's Approvers feature keeps key stakeholders in the loop; enabling your teams to close contracts faster.

πŸ’‘ NOTE: This article makes several references to external approvers. For clarity, an external approver in Juro is defined as:

  • An approver that may be internal to your company but that does not have a profile on your Juro workspace, or;

  • An approver for the counterparty.

The process outlined below is the same for both instances.

Adding approvers πŸ‘οΈ

In most cases, it's most beneficial to add Approvers to your template so that these carry over into your contracts. For 'as-and-when' approvals, conditional logic can be applied to add the relevant approver(s) when certain criteria are met.

To add an approver to your template:

1. Click on the Document members icon.

​2. Click on the Approvers heading (this will initially be greyed out - don't worry, it's still selectable).

3. Click + Add approver: a list of internal approvers will appear in a dropdown list. You can type their name to search for the relevant person, and add them as an approver by clicking on their name.

You can also add an external approver at this stage by typing their full email address and pressing Enter.

4. If you click Can Approve + next to the APPROVERS heading, you can:

  • Turn on/off commenting and suggestion permissions for approvers (applies to all)

  • Turn on an approval order (where more than one approver has been added): approvals will be sent in sequence so that each approver will receive their notification after the approver before them has completed their review

  • Delete all approvers: this deletes every approver in the flow; to remove individual approvers, hover over the approver's name and click the X that appears.

You can repeat these steps to add as many approvers as you need.

πŸ’‘NOTE: Approvals precede the signing stage, so all approvals must be completed before the document can be sent for signing.

Internal changes made after the document has been approved will retrigger the approval process.

Sending a document for approval πŸš‹

Once your contract has been generated and is ready for review, you can send it to your approvers.

To do this:

1. At the top of the SIGNATORIES tab on your contract, click Prepare approval request (this shows where Prepare signing request would normally show).

2. You'll be directed to the sending page, where you can add a custom message for the approver.

Then, press Send and you're all done! The contract has now been sent to your approver for their review.

Approving documents πŸ‘

Internal approvers πŸ“¨

As soon as a contract is generated from a template with pre-assigned approvers, the document will display in an Approver's To Do tab with the status TO APPROVE.

This status doesn't necessarily mean the document is ready for review, so we recommend that approvers wait until they receive the approval email notification or are notified by the contract creator that the contract is good to go.

To approve or reject a contract as an internal approver:

1. In your contract, select either the Approve or Reject button.

Approving the document completes the approval process: the document is now ready to be sent for signing.

Rejecting the document sends it back to the contract creator to make the necessary changes before resubmitting it for approval.

You can leave comments and suggestions on the document as guidance for changes.

External approvers πŸ“€

You can add an external approver by going to the APPROVERS section, clicking + Add approver, typing their email address and clicking + Add as email.

An external approver can approve or reject a document as an internal one can. They can access the document by clicking on the link in the approval notification email and then clicking the Approve or Reject icon when they've reviewed the document.

To learn how to add Juro conditional logic to your approvers, take a look at our dedicated conditional approvers article.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ As always, our Support Team is happy to help you with anything further if needed. Start a chat with us right here by clicking the Intercom button in the bottom-right-hand corner of this page.

Alternatively, you can email your query to support@juro.com

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