Fund returns are calculated on unit price movement, assuming distributions are reinvested, imputation credits received and after fees, but before any applicable PIE tax.

The inception dates for the Funds is as follows:

NZ 20, NZ Small & Mid Cap Opportunities and NZ Commercial Property - 28 Aug 2019.

Global Infrastructure, S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats, S&P Global 100 - 15 July 2020.

S&P Kensho Moonshots Innovation, S&P Kensho Electric Vehicle Innovation - 17 February 2021.

S&P Global Green Property, S&P Global Clean Energy - 16 June 2021.

NZ 50 ESG Tilted - 14 July 2021.

Index returns are total returns gross of imputation credits where applicable, not including fees or taxes. All yearly returns are annualised.

All international equity indices are quoted in NZD unless otherwise stated.

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