The success of your campaign on Kickbooster really depends on the quality of your campaign and getting the word out about your Pre-Launch and/or Booster Page.

Kickbooster provides a platform for Campaign owners to create and run an affiliate program, and is designed as a way to increase your current backer engagement during your campaign.

As an added bonus, when you connect your campaign with Kickbooster, you have the ability to add your campaign to our Marketplace page, making it instantly available to thousands of Boosters, waiting for the next campaign they want to Boost! 

We do hand-pick campaigns to promote on our social media platforms and newsletters, however, we don't guarantee that all campaigns will be promoted. The outreach is up to you!

If we find that your campaign could potentially fit the audience of specific Boosters in our Booster community, we may touch base with them to let them know about your campaign. 

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