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Will Kickbooster promote my program to their Affiliates?
Will Kickbooster promote my program to their Affiliates?
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Kickbooster is a referral/affiliate/influencer marketing tool that allows Merchants and Crowdfunding Campaign Owners to run and manage referral programs to help  increase traffic and sales. Our software is designed to help you:

  • Easily onboard new Affiliates

  • Track and validate referral activity

  • Provide transparency to both you and your Affiliates via personal dashboard to monitor traffic & referred sales 

  • Handle all of your Affiliate payouts

As an added bonus of using Kickbooster, you have the ability to add your program to our Marketplace, making it visible to an existing network of Affiliates. Click here to learn more about our Marketplace.

We also hand-pick campaigns to be featured in:

  • Our Marketplace Staff Picks

  • Weekly newsletter (+30k subscribers)

  • Social Media 

Important Notes

  • We do not guarantee that we will feature every campaign we work with, but we do our best to promote as many as we can. 

  • Adding your campaign to our Marketplace is completely optional. Please note that for campaigns that registered to Kickbooster as of October 1st 2019, any sales made through Marketplace Affiliates or through Kickbooster directly (Marketplace, Newsletter, etc) will be charged at a 5% administration fee rate instead of 3%.

  • There is no additional cost to be featured in our weekly newsletters, however we do ask that Kickbooster's banner is added to your campaign page. An idea is to link our banner to your sign up page. Here's are our banner options:

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