When will I receive my reward?

Learn more about the reward types and when you can expect to receive your reward

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Kickbooster is home to various types of referral campaigns and reward types, whether it be eCommerce stores or Crowdfunders, cash commissions or store credit.

Depending on the type of referral campaign you're participating in and the reward being offered, the processing times may vary.

In this article, you will find information on the following:

  • Cash back commission

  • Store credit

  • Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • eCommerce Campaigns

  • Requirements

  • Payment Schedule

  • Available Rewards

  • Main Dashboard

  • Campaign Level Dashboard

Reward Types

There are two reward options that a Kickbooster campaign can offer:

Cash back commission

  • All Crowdfunding campaigns and select eCommerce campaigns

  • Paid via PayPal

  • Minimum payout requirement of $20

Store credit

A campaign's sign up page will list the reward being offered.

Campaign Types

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Once a crowdfunding campaign is over and is fully funded (excluding Indiegogo Flex campaigns), commissions on successful referrals are paid out roughly 4-6 weeks later.

To further elaborate, once a successful campaign ends, Kickbooster will issue the campaign owner their Affiliate Fees. Payment is processed 21 days later, allowing time for them to receive their funds from Kickstarter/Indiegogo.

Once payment for affiliate fees are received from the campaign owner, your commissions will be paid out in accordance with our Payout Process.

Indiegogo InDemand campaigns

Indiegogo InDemand campaigns are charged on a monthly basis for all successful referrals made 30+ days ago.

Once payment for affiliate fees are received each month, your commissions will be paid out in accordance with our Payout Process.

eCommerce Campaigns

Cash Back Commissions

eCommerce campaign owners offering cash back commissions are invoiced their affiliate fees once a month on their billing date for any referrals that have successfully passed the campaign's review period (up to 30 days).

Once payment is received, your commissions will be paid out in accordance with our Payout Process.

Store Credit

Once your referrals have successfully completed the campaign's review period, the store credit will be available for you to claim.

Payout Process for Cash Back Commissions

Requirements in order to receive cash back commissions

  • A valid PayPal email account that is able to receive funds

    • If there is no PayPal email added to an account that is ready to receive funds, an email notification will be sent advising that a valid PayPal needs to be added to the account in order to receive payment.

  • A minimum payout balance of $20

    • Balances less than $20 will remain in your account until the minimum requirement is met, in which commissions will then be paid to you in accordance to our payout process.

Payment Schedule

Commissions are paid out twice a month on the 1st and 15th or following business day.

1st of the month payments

  • Includes commissions where payment for affiliates fees were received from the 6th - 20th of the previous month.

15th of the month payments

  • Includes commissions where payment for affiliate fees were received from the 21st of the previous month to the 5th of the current month.

Note: If you're due to receive a payment during a pay period, the payout amount will be displayed in the "Next Payment" section of the main dashboard 10 days before the payment date.

I.e. if you are due to receive a payment on the 1st, you will see your payment amount on the 20th of the previous month.

Tracking Your Commissions

Available Rewards

Once you've generated any commissions, you can filter your Campaigns to show which ones you have Available Rewards for.

Main Dashboard

Your Kickbooster main dashboard shows your Total Commissions Earned, total commissions Paid To Date, Commissions In Review, and the Next Payment you are due to receive, along with the payment date.

Total Commissions Earned

This section will include all commissions that have already been paid out and that are still in review.

Total Paid to Date

This section will include your total commissions that have been paid to date. You can view a breakdown of each payout by going to your Profile settings page, under "Payout History".

Commissions in Review

This section will display all generated commissions that have not yet been paid out. This will include commissions in any of the following state:

Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • The crowdfunding campaign is still live

  • The crowdfunding campaign has ended, and needs to go through the payout process

eCommerce Campaigns

  • The referral for an eCommerce store is still in the campaign's referral review period

  • The referral for an eCommerce store passed the campaign's review period, and needs to go through the payout process

Next Payment

This section will display commissions that are due to be paid, along with the payment date.

Campaign Level Dashboard

If you want to view your commissions for a specific campaign, simply click on the campaign and head to your Analytics dashboard.

Similar to your Kickbooster dashboard, your Analytics dashboard will show your total commissions earned, commissions paid to date, commissions in review, and next payment (if applicable) for the specific campaign:

The example shown is an Indiegogo InDemand campaign where the booster has already received $719 in commissions and a pending payment of $21 is due to be paid on November 1, 2019.

Also available in your Analytics settings is your Referral History, which will display the date a referral was tracked, the referred $ amount, the commission %, and the commission earned.

Keep your payment information up to date

Kickbooster processes commission payments via PayPal for account balances of +$20.

Ensure that you have provided your PayPal email address in order to receive commission payments.

Your PayPal email address can be added to your Account Details inside your Profile settings:

Important Reminders

  1. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to PayPal accounts that are categorized as Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs).

  2. PayPal regulations prevent us from sending money to users outside of these supported countries.

  3. Payment is made for all account balances of $20 and over.

  4. Commissions are only paid for any successfully funded campaigns. Commissions will become void should a Kickstarter or Indiegogo Fixed campaign not reach it's funding goal or results in a suspended campaign.

    • Indiegogo Flexible campaigns are deemed successfully funded even though the funding goal is not reached. Commissions will apply for these campaigns.

  5. Commissions on a referral will be void if a failed payment is detected at the time a validation is completed, which is a minimum of two business days after the crowdfunding campaign ends.

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