Incentivizing others to help you spread the word about your brand will increase your chances of being able to tap into a much wider audience than you could ever do alone! 🗣

At the end of the day, running a successful referral campaign will depend on 3 things:

✅ The quality of your product/brand.

✅ Getting as many people as you can to participate in your referral campaign.

✅ Keeping your Boosters motivated to continue promoting your brand.

Here are some best practices for running a successful referral program for your store

Offer an enticing reward💰

An attractive commission rate motivates Boosters to refer people to buy your product(s). A typical offering is 10-20% commission. Be sure to remain competitive while staying within your budget! 

Learn how to adjust your Booster commission. 

Enable the Post-Purchase Pop-Up

Automatically invite your customers to participate in your referral campaign by enabling Kickbooster's Post-Purchase Pop-Up.

Learn how to enable the Post-Purchase Pop-Up.

Create an incentive for your referred customers
Allowing your Boosters to offer their friends/audience a discount when making a purchase through their link is a great way to increase sales! 

Learn how to enable discounts for your referred customers here. 

Add your program to the Kickbooster Marketplace

Kickbooster has a growing network of Affiliates that refer to our Marketplace to find new products to promote.

Learn more about our Marketplace and network of affiliates here

Provide marketing materials to your Boosters

You know your brand better than anyone. By providing your Boosters with images and content they can use when promoting your campaign, it helps to keep your message consistent and also saves time for your Boosters. 

Kickbooster allows you to upload a media kit right inside your settings. This will be visible to your Boosters inside their Kickbooster dashboard. 

Feature your campaign wherever you can 

  • Add an 'Affiliate' section to your website footer that takes people to your Booster signup page.
  • Post about your campaign regularly. Potential Boosters might have missed your initial invitation so make sure to post about it more than once.
  • Add it to your company newsletter. 
  • Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great outlets to spread the word.

Invite as many people as possible to participate

Maybe you're launching a referral campaign to re-engage your existing customers and tap into their network of friends/family. 

Maybe you're launching a program to entice publishers, influencers and bloggers to talk about your product. 

We strongly encourage tackling both paths. 

Reach out to media 

If you're looking to leverage your referral campaign to encourage media to write about your product, it's important to make a list of relevant outlets your product would be a great fit for.

Here's a list of avenues to explore:

  • General publications with large volumes of readers (e.g. sites like The Verge, Mashable, Lifehacker, etc.)
  • Targeted blogs - depending on what audience the product appeals to
  • News and Media sites
  • Specific journalists that have written about other products within your niche
  • Online communities - like forums, message boards, or Facebook groups you know will care about your project
  • Popular social media influencers that are relevant to your niche
  • Relevant YouTube channels

When reaching out to the media, be specific with what you're asking them to do. You're not asking them to buy your product. Instead, let them know why your product is a perfect fit for their audience and invite them to participate in your referral campaign so they can earn a commission for their efforts.

Reach out to your existing network of followers and customers

Satisfied customers are often willing to refer products. Give them an opportunity to do so and reward them for their efforts!

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