As an Affiliate, you have the ability to personalize your referral code. In this article, you will learn what your referral code is used for and how to adjust it. 

What is my referral code used for?

There are 2 things Kickbooster will use your referral code for:

1.) Your Referral Links

When you join any new referral programs, your unique referral link will include your personalized referral code. 

2.) Your Discount Codes
If you're promoting a store that is also offering a discount to your audience, your unique discount code will include your personalized referral code, which makes it easier for your audience to remember when you share it on social media. 

Where can I update my referral code?

Simply head over to your Kickbooster profile and enter your custom text into the "Referral Code" field. 

Next time you go to join a referral program, you'll notice that your referral link and your discount code (if applicable) will include the unique referral code you previously provided: 

Copy your unique referral link and/or code and share it with your network to start earning awesome rewards!

Where should I share my unique referral code?

You can share your unique referral code on all social media platforms. Having a unique referral code makes it easier to share on social media platforms that are not link-friendly, like Instagram.  

Check out this article for more tips on where to share your referral link and referral code.

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