Prior to your launch date, you want to be able to invite people to join your referral program so they can get their unique referral link ready to share on launch day and it's one less thing you need to worry about once your campaign is live. The question is, is this possible?

Indiegogo Campaigns

If you're launching your campaign on IGG and your campaign is still in draft, you will be able to activate your referral program before your campaign is live.

Importante Note:

If you're using IGG's pre-launch campaign, you will need to use your pre-launch campaign URL link when you sign up to Kickbooster.

If you are not using Indiegogo's pre-launch service, you will then need to use your campaign preview URL link when you sign up to Kickbooster.

Kickstarter Campaigns

You are able to sign up with Kickbooster and begin setting up your referral program while your campaign page is still in draft by using your campaign preview URL.

Due to limitations within Kickstarter, Kickbooster is unable to detect the UA code on your campaign page while it is in draft. Connecting your Google Analytics UA code to Kickbooster is one of the required steps prior to activating your referral program. You can still proceed with completing all other required steps to launch your referral program like choosing your affiliate reward and designing your affiliate signup page, but you will need to complete the last step of connecting us to your Google Analytics UA code once your campaign is live.

If your campaign’s referral marketing strategy requires your affiliates to have their unique tracking link ahead of your Kickstarter campaign’s launch date, you can reach out to our support team at for assistance.

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