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Can I launch my referral program before my crowdfunding campaign is live?
Can I launch my referral program before my crowdfunding campaign is live?
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Yes, you are able to launch your referral program prior to your campaign going live!

Launching a referral program before your crowdfunding campaign goes live can significantly boost your campaign's visibility and support. By allowing potential affiliates to join your program and get their referral links ready, you can create a network of supporters who are prepared to share your campaign as soon as it launches.

Why launch your referral program early?

  1. Build Momentum: Start generating buzz and interest before your campaign officially starts.

  2. Engage Early Supporters: Allow your most dedicated fans to become advocates and spread the word.

  3. Optimize Launch Day Impact: Have a group of affiliates ready to share your campaign immediately upon launch.

How do you launch your referral program prior your campaign launch date?

When you create your program on Kickbooster, we will accept your Kickstarter or Indiegogo prelaunch or preview URL link.

By using your prelaunch or preview URL, we can detect that your campaign is still in draft. Complete the setup of your program and once ready, you then activate your subscription in order to launch your referral program!

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