How to install the Kickbooster app on your Shopify store

Getting started with Kickbooster from within your Shopify store.

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This article breaks down the steps required to install Kickbooster on your Shopify store from your store's admin settings.

1. Click on the Apps tab from within your store's left navigation menu.

2. Click on the Customize your store button in the top right corner to visit the app store.

3. Search for Kickbooster in the app store.

4. Find Kickbooster's referral marketing app in the search results, and click on the title to open the app listing.

5. Click the Add app button in the banner section of the listing.

6. Review the information, then click the Install app button.

7. Follow the prompts to create your Kickbooster account, or sign in if you already have an existing account.

Check out this article for help setting up and configuring your Kickbooster referral marketing program.

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