How do I set up my eCommerce referral program?

Learn how to set up your referral program for your Shopify store.

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In order to launch a referral program for your Shopify store:

  • Your store must be on Shopify

  • The Kickbooster App must be installed on your shop during setup process

Setting up your Referral Program

We've made the setup and launch of your referral program extremely easy! Once you've created a Kickbooster account, you can sign up to use our referral marketing service from within your account.

1.) Once logged into your Kickbooster account, go to 'My Campaigns', click 'Add New Campaign':

2.) Enter your campaign URL link:

3.) You will then be brought to the settings page where you can complete the setup and activation of your referral program.


Campaign Name
This is where you can edit your campaign's private name (The campaign name you will see in Kickbooster) and also your campaign's public name (The campaign name that subscribers will see).

The campaign name provided upon sign up will automatically be the default private and public campaign name.

Select Category
Select a category that fits your brand. This is how Affiliates can find your store if they are searching by category in Kickbooster's Marketplace.

Choose your Booster signup page URL
Your Booster signup page will be assigned a Kickbooster subdomain. You can personalize your subdomain until you choose to activate your referral program. Valid characters include letters, numbers and '-'.

Set a Cookie Duration
You must also select a cookie duration. This is the amount of time an Affiliate has to be attributed as a referral after their unique link is clicked. For example, if your cookie duration is 30 days and an Affiliate's link is clicked on day 1, but the sale doesn't happen until day 17, the Affiliate will still be credited for the sale because it happened within the tracked window of time, which is 30 days (cookie duration). At this time, you are able to set your cookie duration for 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days.

If you would like to communicate with your Affiliates, they will need to opt in to communication with you so you can receive their contact information.

In order to ask your Affiliates to opt in, you will need to provide a link to your Privacy Policy. Check out this article that goes into more detail on how to contact your Affiliates.

*New* Affiliate Review Preference

Set your affiliate review preference. If this is set to Review Off, all affiliates who apply to your referral campaign will be accepted; and if set this to Review On, all affiliates who apply must be manually accepted or rejected.

Note: If you have post-purchase pop-ups enabled, your customers will be able to participate in your referral program without submitting an application. They will be automatically accepted.

Click here to learn more about how to approve and deny affiliate applications.


Set Your Reward

Select from different types of Rewards/Incentives for your Affiliates.

For more information on how to set up the right reward for your referral program, check out this article that explains Creating an incentive for your referred customers

Design your Booster Signup Page

When inviting others to participate in your referral program, you can direct them to your Booster Signup Page so they can register to become an Affiliate.

Choose a theme layout
Choose one of our beautiful themes to fit your needs, whether you want the messaging to be short and sweet, or if you need more space to showcase your product.

Images and Message
Upload a primary image of your product. A secondary image is optional and will only display on certain themes.

  • For best display results, upload an image size of 1388px x 700px .

  • Kickbooster will use your primary image for any promotional purposes I.e. our Marketplace, Newsletter, and Social Media platforms.

In regards your message, Kickbooster provides default text for you to use to ensure what you are offering to potential Affiliate's is clearly explained. You can add/remove/change any details you want to be visible on your Booster Signup page.

If you have a media kit and/or a promotional video for your campaign, there is a field where you can add a URL to either or both. We highly recommend adding these so it is easily accessible for your Affiliates should they need any assets when promoting your campaign.

When designing your Booster signup page, you can preview your page at anytime by scrolling down and clicking on 'Preview Page'.

Run a Test Order

Successful referral tracking is the most important aspect of running a referral program. We encourage Merchants to ensure Kickbooster is properly integrated with their store by performing a a test order before going live.  Here's an article that goes through how to perform a test order on your store.


Once you have completed your setup and are happy with your Booster signup page, it's time to activate your referral program. The Activate tab in your dashboard also provides you the option to enable the post-purchase pop up feature.

Start spreading the word!

Once your referral program is live, it's time to start inviting people to participate.

Tap into an existing network of affiliates

Once your referral program has been activated, you have the option to request to add it to our Marketplace making it visible to Kickbooster's existing network of Affiliates. This can be done in Share settings.

Once approved, your referral program will be displayed on Kickbooster's Marketplace. Note: There may be a delay in reviewing your request as they are reviewed during business hours.

To learn more about the Kickbooster Marketplace, check out this article.

Tips & Advice

Be sure to check out the following articles for more tips on how to run a successful referral program for your Shopify store!

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