We've made the setup and launch of your eCommerce referral campaign extremely easy. If you already have an active account, you can add a new campaign from the top of your dashboard at any time. If not, click Get Started to begin your campaign setup!

Please note that in order to begin setting up your referral campaign:

  • Your store must be on the Shopify Platform
  • The Kickbooster App must be installed on your shop during setup process

1) Insert your eCommerce Page URL

To begin setup, enter your Shopify Store URL. You will be prompted to provide it while you are adding a new campaign.

Once you save the URL, you won't be able to change it. If you've made a mistake and need some help reverting back, simply shoot us an email at team@kickbooster.me

2) Choose your Settings

Select a category that fits your brand. This is how Boosters can find your store if they are searching by category in the Kickbooster Marketplace. You must also select a cookie duration. This is the amount of time a Booster has to be attributed as a referral after their unique link is clicked. For example, if your cookie duration is 30 days and a Booster's link is clicked on day 1, but the sale doesn't happen until day 17, the Booster will still be credited for the sale because it happened within the tracked window of time (cookie duration). 

3) Set your Reward

Select from different types of Rewards/Incentives for your Boosters. For more information on how to set up the right reward for your campaign, check out this article that explains Creating an incentive for your referred customers.

4) Design your Booster Page

It is important to understand the purpose of your Booster page. This is the landing page that you will direct potential Boosters to, in order to sign up and promote your store. It should describe what your program is offering in return for their help. Boosters will reach this landing page and register to boost your store from there. Here's an example of a Booster page:

Now, start designing!

Kickbooster provides default text for you to use to ensure what you are offering to potential Boosters is properly explained. You can add/remove/change any details you want to be visible on your Booster page.

5) Launch!

Once you're ready to launch, it's time to activate your referral campaign. The Activate tab in your dashboard also provides you the option to enable a post-purchase pop up.

6) Add your campaign to our Marketplace

Once your Booster page is enabled, be sure to add it to our Marketplace to allow the Kickbooster community to see it!  

Don't forget to hit 'Save and Continue'. 

To learn more about the Kickbooster Marketplace, check out this article

7) Spread the word!

Now that your page is live, grab your Booster page URL and start telling the world about your referral campaign:

Be sure to check out the following articles for more tips on how to spread the word!

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