How to list certifications on your resume?

There's only one rule: include certificates only if they're relevant for the job you're applying to.

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Do you have a certificate that can prove that you have the skills needed for the job you want? Great! Include them in your resume. Some jobs may even require you to have a specific certification. Keep in mind that most certificates have an expiration date, so the more recent it is, the better. 

Here's how to include certificates in your resume:

  1. Either include certificate under your Education section or create a separate section called "Certifications".

  2. List your certificates in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent one.

  3. Include the name of each certification, authority, its URL or code, and any relevant dates.

  4. Add the location in case your certificate is state specific.

  5. Describe each certificate in more detail. Explain what it entails.


  • Certifications may cover a broader range of activities, such as taking refresher courses after college.

  • Don't list certificates that have expired.

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