How to supercharge your resume with graphs?

Graphs look great and can quickly draw recruiters' attention to your skills.

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Why describe your skills with words when you can use graphs? Use them to depict the most relevant skills for your target position. For example, individual computer skills, language skills, or any soft skills mentioned in the job description.

They can be also great for highlighting your key achievements. For instance, if you have 92% customer success rate, they make it instantly noticeable and that much more impressive.

For each graph on your resume, keep the labels short and action-oriented.

Pro tip:

  • Graphs are not appropriate for every job. Using visually striking graphs on a resume is only appropriate if you’re applying for a creative position.

  • Only use them if you're applying through email or reaching out to an employer directly. If you know that your resume will have to pass through an ATS scan, don't use them. It's not worth the risk.

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