How long should a resume be?

The length of your resume depends on where you are in your career.

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If you're a student, fresh graduate, applying for a junior role or you have less than 10 years of relevant experience, your resume should be only one page long

If you're a seasoned professional, executive or the job requires 10+ years of relevant experience, your resume can be 2-3 pages long.

Don't overdo it. Hiring managers only spend about 6 seconds on most resumes. You need to leave a lasting impression fast. One page is almost always more than enough for that.

How can you make your resume shorter?

  • Use a two-column template

  • Remove repetitions in your work descriptions

  • Only include relevant information

  • Use a smaller font size

  • Adjust the line height

For more information on how to fit your resume on one page, check out this article.

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