How to add references to your resume?

References usually don't belong on your resume. Usually.

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People don't usually include references in their resumes. It's very uncommon. But under certain circumstances, you might still want to do it.

When should you put references on your resume?

  • If the job listing asks for references.

  • If your reference is someone well-known in the company or industry.

  • If you’re a fresh graduate.

  • If you’re a freelancer.

  • If there’s an employment gap on your resume.

What's the best way to include references on a resume?

It comes down to contact details and a short introduction. Don't forget to include these details.

  • Reference name

  • Reference position

  • Reference company

  • Reference address

  • Reference phone number or email address

  • Reference description including where you worked together, when you worked together and your working relationship. (optional)

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