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What is the Child Profile Page?
What is the Child Profile Page?

The digital equivalent of a child's folder

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The Child's Profile Page is like a folder that holds all your paper observations, summative assessments, next steps, etc, for a particular child; this page is automatically updated with whatever you do in Kinderly Together for that child.

The child's profile page is separated into the following sections;

  • All About Me

  • Summary

  • Development

  • Observations

  • Support Ideas

  • Postcards

  • Diary

  • Media

  • Reports

From the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Dashboard

Click on the name to expand the group and select a child.

This is where all information related to a child is held.

The All About Me section can be updated by clicking Edit Child.

Note: this is the view on a phone or tablet.

This table automatically updates from the observations you create. So, at a glance you can see how the child is progressing at the setting. The child's current age (highlighted in turquoise) is displayed under the relevant age bracket.

When an observation is authorised, the grey cells change colour, as per this key.


A dashboard showing development trend for Leuven Scales, Schemas and Characteristics of Effective Learning, if you choose to add them when creating an observation.

Click on the text or the view button, to view/edit the observation.

Authorised No - these Observations are saved only and can be edited. They can also be seen in the Unauthorised tab in the Observations feature.
Authorised Yes - these observations are complete and have updated the Summary Table, and are accessible by the parent in the Parent Portal.
They can also be seen in the Authorised tab of the Observations feature.

All statements that have been selected as Support Ideas will be listed here.

A Grey circle - means this aspect has not yet been observed.
A coloured circle - means this aspect has been observed

The colours depend on the framework used, for example

Wales Foundation Phase will be;

  • Red for Emerging

  • Yellow for Developing

  • Green for Secure.

EYFS 2021 will be;

  • Purple for Specialist Support

  • Orange for Extra Support

  • Green for Normal Support.

You can archive observed support ideas by clicking X.

Clicking the view button shows you a list of activities relevant to that aspect (dependant on the framework/guidance).

Postcards created by parents in the Parent Portal will be displayed here.

You can click on the Postcard to send a comment to the Parent.

Here you can see a 7-day summary, showing the child's eating, sleeping and toileting habits.

Click Previous to see the previous seven days and so on.
You can also access and update the Diary, directly from this page, by clicking Edit.

This is a gallery of all the photos and videos, that you have added to either wow moments or observations, for the child. 

You can also rotate or delete individual pictures/videos.

From this section, you can create a Transition Report, Learning Journal or Wow Journal, as well as view/edit any previously assigned reports to the child, via the Reports section.

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