What are Statements?

Evidence a child's learning using statements in Kinderly Together.

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Statements (previously known as Milestones) are added to an observation to record whether a child is Emerging, Developing or Secure. In this example, I have selected Emerging.

You can also select statements as Next Steps.

These statements automatically update the summary table on the Child's profile page, when an observation is authorised.

Any statements or next steps selected on a previous observation, will be displayed in a lighter shade.

The 3 different views;

  1. All

  2. Aspect (default view)

  3. Age

1. All

Change Aspect to All

This view reveals the prime areas, age brackets and relevant statements as you click through each button, see below;

All is the best option when doing a Starting Point or Starting with Kinderly observation.

2. Aspect

This is the default view. 

This view lists the 7 development matters on the left of the screen. Clicking the prime areas will display the statements by age group, on the right of the screen. 

Both sides can be scrolled individually.

3. Age

Change Aspect to Age

Clicking on an age group lists the 7 development matters, with the prime areas and the statements below them.

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