The summary table automatically updates every time you authorise an observation. So, you can see the child's current level of development at a glance. 

To access the summary table, log into the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Dashboard.

Expand the group and select a child, you are now in the Child's Profile page.

The child's current age is displayed, in a turquoise box, under the relevant age group

Each grey cell reflects several statements (previously known as milestones), grouped by aspects and age. When an observation is authorised, the grey cells change colour as per the key below;

This child is at Developing level for Making relationships at 16-26 months.

Clicking on a coloured cell gives you the list of statements for that group.
In this example there are 3 statements;

Plays alongside others was recorded as Developing initially on the Starting Point observation and then later as Secure
Uses a familiar adult as a secure base.... was recorded as Secure
Plays cooperatively with a familiar adult...has not yet been observed

As a result of 2 statements at secure and one still grey, the group shows as Developing in the summary table.

The context and detail of the observation is displayed on each coloured cell.
Clicking these coloured cells will open the observation in a new tab/window.

What are statements?
Create an observation.

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