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We take security very seriously and have 52-step security plan which covers:

  • App security

  • Servers 

  • Server Hosting

  • Mobile Devices

  • Kinderly Staff - All our IT and support staff are UK based and have had DBS checks.

Our servers are hosted in UK data centres with Rackspace who are ISO 27001 certified:

In Kinderly you can control which mobile devices can access the data. If a device with the App, goes missing or is stolen it can be de-activated from the Kinderly Admin Dashboard with a single swipe to inactive, which will stop anyone being able to log into the Kinderly app on that device.

There is also a 2-step authentication procedure on the Parent Portal, when an invitation is sent from the setting via the Parent Directory.

  1. The parent requires a Parent Passphrase given by you, and 

  2. they have to enter their child's date of birth.

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