Here you will find general information regarding Kinderly; what devices to use, how to change password, PINs, etc.

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How to hard refresh
How do I unsubscribe?
What is the Admin Dashboard?
Temperature Record
How do I update my payment card details?
Add an email address to safe senders list - Gmail
Add an email address to safe senders list - Yahoo
Add an email address to safe senders list - Outlook
Add an email address to safe senders list - Hotmail
When I tap the paper icon to view an invoice on my iPad/iPhone, nothing happens.
The parent has a red icon
How does the Cohort Tracker work? (currently EYFS 2017 only)
A parent has sent me a Postcard, where can I see it?
How do I delete a wow moment?
How to share a child's learning journal with another setting using Kinderly.
The parent has an orange icon
How do I show/input council funded income?
How do I change the email address for my Setting?
How do I add food in the Daily Diary?
How do I delete food items in the daily diary?
How do I remove a food item from the menu?
How can I issue/show a refund?
I want to send an invoice to a parent who isn't verified
Why is the child duplicated in the Parents profile?
How do I add a group?
How do I change a child's group?
How do I archive a child?
How do I print Support Ideas?
How do I delete a food item from the meals list?
How do I delete a child?
How do I delete a parent?
Why are some of the Development Matters highlighted in orange?
How do I delete media on a child's profile page?
How far is the parent in the set-up of the Parent Portal?
The Accounting section is not working for me.
How do I delete an observation?
Why are there Support Ideas showing on every observation I start?
A parent is stuck on the Parent Verification screen.
Data security
How do I know what role to assign to a Practitioner?
My parents aren't receiving the invitation to Kinderly email.
What is a Related Expense?
How do I backdate an Observation?
Why is the profile picture sideways?
When I select view PDF on my computer, nothing happens.
I get the message 'No statements found'
How do I save / print a PDF?
Why is the profile photo sideways?
My Wow Moment on the Admin Dashboard will not send
My parent isn't receiving any wow moments, observations or daily diaries.
A parent isn't receiving any information on their child.
My parents are not receiving the Daily Diary email notification
How do I select/deselect what the child ate, in the Daily Diary?
How do I resend the link for the Parents to set up the Parent Portal?
How do I upload a video from my phone's photos, to an Observation?