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Why is the profile picture sideways?
Why is the profile picture sideways?

Usually seen when uploading a profile picture via a mobile device

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If you upload a photo on the Admin Dashboard, via a mobile device and notice the saved photo is the wrong way round, this is due to the auto-rotate properties on a mobile device.
The photograph on the device might be the correct way but save sideways.

This can be fixed by simply editing the photo on your mobile device.

Using an iPhone/iPad

From your devices' photo gallery, select the photo and tap Edit

Tap the Crop icon, resize/adjust the image if you wish, tap Done

Note: The profile picture needs to be a square image.

The image is now ready to be uploaded via the Admin Dashboard.

Using an Android device

If you wish, you can also use photo editor apps relevant to your device, such as Lightroom CC, Pixlr, Snapseed, etc. Simply open the picture in the app, rotate and save.

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