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Daily Diary
What is a Daily Diary?
What is a Daily Diary?

From the Admin Dashboard complete the daily diary to share with the parents.

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From the Admin Dashboard, expand Early Years and select Daily Diaries.

A daily diary consists of;

  • What have we done today...

  • Food menu

  • How well the child has eaten

  • Milk & Water intake

  • Sleep timings

  • Hygiene

When you open the daily diary section, you will be able to view the diaries for all the children who have been signed 'in' on the register for that day, either per group or select All to view all the children. The diary saves automatically each time you update it.

You have the option to either send the diary individually by clicking the send icon on the child's diary, or you can click the 'send to all' option to send all the diaries in one go.

What have we done today?

Once you add a daily summary in the 'What have we done today' section and click save, it will update all the diaries for the children in that group.
You can also use this section to add any notes for the parents, or add specific details for each child.

What has 'the child' eaten today?

This will automatically update when you add Food items to the 'Food menu' in administration. Or, you can populate this section per child directly via the daily diary.

What else has 'the child' done today?

Here you will add all other information such as how well the child has eaten, how much water/milk the child has had in ml, sleep & hygiene.

In eating habits, either select All to add how well the child has eaten for all the meal times or, you can add this detail per meal.

Click the + icon to add an entry in each section.

How to check a diary has been sent

Any diaries that have been sent will have a tick in a grey box, as shown below:

How to check a diary has been sent

Note: The Parent Portal will always display the latest version of the diary, i.e. you can update the Daily Diary after sending and this will automatically update the Parent Portal.

What the parent sees

In the Parent Portal clicking on the diary bar will display the complete daily diary.

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