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WHWDT (What Have We Done Today) Planner
WHWDT (What Have We Done Today) Planner

Learn how to how to plan your weekly activities using the WHWDT planner.

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From the Admin Dashboard, click Administration then click on WHWDT planner

The WHWDT planner can now be pre-populated with your daily activities, either days or weeks in advance. You can also choose to plan activities by individual rooms, or for the whole setting.
Select a group, or 'All' for the whole setting, enter your activities and click 'Save week'.

This will then be populated in the daily diary in the 'What have we done today' section. You can then personalise each child's activities directly in their diary.

Saving the planner in JPEG allows you to send the activities to the parents via a wow moment, or an observation as part of a newsletter.

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